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The ADR trailer was very accessible. We appreciate the quick set up of the trailer to make it convenient for the actor while on set. Also the ADR trailer team was extremely patient and I would highly recommend using when in need of ADR.

Brooke Lowery

Post Production Coordinator, Men in Black: International

The ADR Trailer was a great asset to our production... our lead actor is quite possibly the busiest human on earth and we needed a solution that could accommodate his schedule.  With one call, I was able to have the ADR Trailer parked outside of his trailer while he was on another shoot.  Our second lead actor was busy doing some additional photography, we parked the ADR Trailer at the beach so that when he had a few minutes free, he could pop over to the trailer and we could get the lines.

Jay Vinitsky

Post-Production Supervisor, Paramount Pictures

I’ve used this ADR Trailer for over a decade on various projects, and continue to recommend it to friends in the business.  There is no greater tool of convenience, for both actors and production, than having this ADR Trailer parked at basecamp.

Kiegan Downs

Associate Producer, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Untitled Mars Project

Criminal Minds has used the Mobile ADR Recording Studio for years as a reliable, convenient option for actors to record without disrupting the production schedule for them to travel to a stage.

Callie Miller

Associate Producer, Criminal Minds

ADR Trailer to the rescue!! What started as an emergency “OMG my talent is in every scene, AND we are NO WHERE near a facility!” quickly turned into a great weekly solution to a logistical problem - the ADR Trailer is an indispensable tool for my post workflow.

Annie Court

Co-Producer, The Last Man On Earth

One phone call … takes care of all my on-location ADR needs.  Our actors appreciate the clean and attractive recording environment, and the pricing allows me to record principals on-set rather than intruding on their off-days.

Robert Parigi

Producer, Night Stalker, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

When you have an actor in almost every scene, it is impossible to get them into ADR at another location. With the ADR trailer, it is on your set, they are professional and the sound quality is amazing.

James Thompson

Producer, E Ring, The Vampire Diaries

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